Top 5 innovation picks from TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin

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Posted by Victor Purolnik

Right on time to the opening of our new Berlin office for Germany and Central Europe, we attended the world famous TechCrunch Disrupt conference. TC Disrupt is all about startups, investors and ground-breaking ideas. There’s a startup alley where smart brains show off their latest and greatest ideas, a battlefield to find the best amongst them all and inspiring talks by game changers of the industry. Amongst all the innovative newcomer companies we picked 5 favorites which we thought have a new, innovative idea or make existing processes exceptionally easy. Have a look:

Name Nuggeta Waymate Changers Moot
Location France Germany Germany UK / USA US / Finland
Overview Scaling real-time backend for games. Compares ways of travel between locations. Solar charger for mobile devices made from recycable materials. Converts HTML markup of third-party websites into CSV, XLS or an API. Takes care of commenting and forums of any size websites.
Speciality Enabling indie developers to build massive multiplayer games. Ranks by criteria like ideal, cheap and fast. Social community challenges users to continue using the product. Provides APIs for anything accessible on the web - a heaven for developers. Fine-tuned real-time technology provides an exceptionally great experience.

We’re excited to watch these companies gain coverage and users. Please stop by their websites and check out their services - we believe they will have a strong influence in the future of (web) technology.