Revealing Contact Save module for Drupal

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Have you always been loosing contact messages from your website or wasn't sure, if every message got to your e-mail inbox? There is a Drupal module which is meant to solve the problem.
We had to deal with the problem during development of our own website and decided to port Contact save module Contact save module
You simply install the module and it will save all the data, that comes from the Drupal contact forms to the database. 
1. Than you can check messages through the module admin panel (views based):

You might have noticed the word “Budget” with the value in each contact message. It is the additional field of our Drucode contact form, so the module will also catch all of your additional fields and save the input data. 
You can also filter your contact messages using the form above. 
2. In settings section you have a possibility to set up time after which old messages will be deleted. 

And you’re of course welcome to customise view and change a bunch of Views settings (for advanced users).

We hope this module will come you in handy.
And Special thanks to @paravibe, our teammate, who actually developed this module.