Great products require 20% more effort, than average ones

It’s a tricky part to push yourself for those twenty more percent of work. It's like a pain threshold.

Meaningful projects require commitment

We prefer to work with people, who treat their products as highly important ones. We avoid customers, who don't have enough time or desire to be involved in the product development lifecycle.

Not Jacks-of-all-trades, but are masters of one

Web and mobile applications development is our way to impact the world. We will help as much people as we can, doing our job as good as we can.

Agile is probably the best way to develop software. But it's hard a work and responsibility, that make it all happen.

Ability to work collaboratively is what defines a team

Productive teamwork is a challenging task for many companies. While working in teams, people need to have a mutual understanding of each other, share same work philosophy, have common goals and be comfortable making controversial decisions. It took us time to gather right people and establish our own culture.

Locations in Berlin, Germany and Lviv, Ukraine

Currently, there's a team of 9 software engineers, 1 UX / UI designer and 2 product managers.


99% of our clients can not run their business without our support.

“We believe that smart web and mobile applications can accelerate the business growth.”
Arthur Bohdanov, Co-Founder