To Munich, To DrupalCon

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I am writing this post from the board of the plane on my way to DrupalCon in Munich. So far, our team has been rarely attending any Drupal conferences or events. Believe me, this is not due to the fact that we do not want to be involved or have nothing to share with the community, because we do and we will from now on! Simply, we have been working hard over the team’s internal processes to take our services to the new level.
Now, in Munich, we’ll have an amazing opportunity learn from the others and share our own experience as well. Not to mention the fact that we will spend a whole week in a beautiful city of Munich, talking, breathing and living Drupal!
I’ve decided to share a list of reports and events that are on top of my To-Be-There list:

1.Developers, Get Off the Couch and Contribute! I think that lately a lot of pretty good and not so good developers run mad with making own Drupal lessons, self-promotion stuff and frequent “chilling” at conferences, - particularly, here in Ukraine. Those are certainly useful things, but guys, - we’d better put our efforts to far-from-perfect Drupal core improvement. Don’t relax! DUPAL NEEDS US.

2. Environment America: Running 60 affiliates on Drupal I wanted to hear the Case for two reasons: - I love organizations that protect environment. Each of them has a well-defined, exact goal. Think about how many companies in the world are now “wandering” (“working”) without a real quality objective. Making money only– it’s not a goal. At least it’s not a good one. - A network of 60 websites is impressive. Here in Drucode, we worked on a project with a network of 7 websites and it was a pretty interesting challenge.

3. The Drupal Ladder: Resources and activities for meetups to help members learn and contribute The second report addresses the problem of lack of developers that “commit” to the D-Core. According to the description, report will introduce us to "The Drupal Ladder" project. The mission of the project is to popularize D-Core commits and to show developers that commiting to the Core it's not as scary as it may first seem. By the way, I think that’s an amazing idea, because it took me quite a time to understand the whole process of interaction with the developers who work on Drupal core.

4. Selling to the Enterprise In my work, I get to talk a lot with clients. Drucode’s portfolio includes a good part of work for large enterprises. I'm interested to hear how other companies offer Drupal to large companies. Sometimes there might be difficulties establishing proper communication “bridge” between a small company that provides Drupal development services and large enterprise with <1 500 employees. We learned how to build that “bridge” after months of work with our first big client. There has to be a quicker way.

5. Acquia partners event.

We received a letter from our friend Rob Stubbs from Acquia, who invited us to Drupal Gardens event, which is held on Monday, 20th of Aug. I still have no idea what is going to be discussed at there, but we will definitely attend. Frankly speaking, I know few about Drupal Gardens service, I only know that it allows you to quickly build a Drupal websites without any technical knowledge. I even tried doing it once.