3 rules for successful Drupal outsourcing

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From my experience of running own Drupal development team, I had to deal with many bad and good Drupal outsourcing practices. In this article I'm going to explain why bad practices happen.

First of all, let's figure out what is classic IT outsourcing?
By definition, it is a situation when given IT company decides to contract with another company or person to do a particular job/function in a given IT field. Also it allows the company AND its clients to save some money. Nowadays, there are many outsourcing development centers in the world, that allow you to do so.

Goals are defined: get the work done for a lower cost (though keep in mind, that usually costs won’t be twice as low, as you initially expect them to be. Reason: if you want your work done properly, you need a team of experts, not amateurs.

Yes, outsourcing is an option. But you must adhere to few simple rules:

1. Have a technical expertise on your side.

As a client, you must have a product owner with tech knowledge in proper field on your side. This person has a vision of the project and will define where the project is headed.

2. Communication can't be overrated.

Product Owner must interact with development team on a daily basis (SCRUM meetings, stand-ups etc). Even if you have nothing to say on a daily meeting, then listen to the team and at some moment you will definitely get new ideas and thoughts.

3. The right partner.

You must choose a right consultant/development team, with proper expertise and a “right way of thinking”. I guess that point is more important than the other two. The right team will bring you some piece of smartness and direct you on your way.

When I said "right team with the right way of thinking" I meant the following:

— This team is not a bunch of "Yes-men". They can and at some point they will tell you "no, we can't do it" or "no, it won't work, we will deliver this solution in a different way".
— They are open minded and they won't try to cheat, if something goes wrong. They will always provide you with an actual picture.
— They have the same goal as you do, and they always think on how to bring to the project even more value through technology.

This is how Drucode works. Actually, we don't consider ourselves being “outsourcing company”. Word "outsourcing" fundamentally has a particle "out", which is defined to mark activity "outside the company". Instead, we strive to be a part of client’s company and contribute to a smart way of product development. We just have a development office in Ukraine, because there are such a good software developers.

I hope these simple rules based on our experience will help you in finding right drupal web development teams. Not only Drupal ones.

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